Willie is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.   His est. DOB is 9/09

Willie was abandoned by his family and
left on a porch where he was picked up
by animal control and ended up in a
shelter. He was then adopted out but
after the adopters got him shaved down
and saw his condition they returned him
to the shelter. We were contacted by
another rescue group about him and
picked him up from the shelter today.
His revolving door at the animal shelter
ends now!

As you can see in the pictures, Willie is
emaciated. He is very fragile and
trembles if he stands or walks too far.
Right now he is being crated and
observed. He is drinking condensed
sweetened milk mixed with his water to
help put weight on quickly and stimulate
his appetite. He will go and see the vet
tomorrow to make sure there is no other
issue going on other than being starved
nearly to death.

Even with all he has been through his
tail still wags and he get excited when it
is time to go out. He is very sweet and
starved for attention, he loves to be
petted and scratched especially. His
skin is very dry and he has a pretty bad
case of dandruff right now but that will
get better as his health does.

Willie is neutered and up to date on
Shelter Photo
Bill Toyne
Melissa Highley
Lee Fallon
Linda Duggan
Alicia Wrenn
Jean Davis
Susan A. Weber
Shannon Mahlberg
Linda Garretson
Michele McCracken

Willie has been adopted by
Barry Jacobs of Illinois