Tilly is a 2 year old purebred Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. She was released from a
puppymill due to a prolapsed uterus, which
means her uterus was literally hanging
outside her body.

An emergency spay was performed to save
her life.

Tilly came from the same puppymill as
Phoebe who is now on our Success Stories

Unfortunately she is in even worse shape
than Phoebe was when she was released
from the mill.

As you can see in the pictures at the bottom
of the page, Tilly was in bad shape. She was
severly matted and had to be shaved and
has multiple areas of dark 'wound' hair
where she was injured. You can see multiple
brown patches around her neck and all
those spots have scabs under them. She has
obviously been attacked many times while in
the puppymill.

As you can also tell in the beginning pictures
she was extremely shy, scared and
withdrawn. She very much wanted to have
you pet her but was scared of people at this
point. Tilly is going to take some significant
work and time to get her past the abuse she
has suffered and get her ready for a new life.

Tilly is one of the thousands of reasons to
never buy a dog from a petstore. She was
one of the poor bitches out there churning
out the cute little puppies that people buy in
the petstore. In her short 2 year life she
likely had 4 litters of puppies to supply the
petstores and put $$$$$$$ in their pockets
and the puppymillers pocket as well.

When her uterus prolapsed she was
discarded, they did not even pay for the
emergency spay she needed due to the
overbreeding that they forced on her. She
was not even worth that to them.

If looking into this poor girl's scared,
haunted eyes does not convince you never
to buy from a petstore I don't know what will!!

Tilly is located in Kansas City, MO

Update - June 2003

As you can see from these new pictures, Tilly
is realy making some progress. She is
interacting with people and other dogs and
has some light in her eyes. She is still
extremely distrustful of strangers and
startles easily and will run wildly looking for
some place to hide. However, she has made
tremendous strides from the scared to death
girl she was and we expect her to make a full
recover in time.'

8/16/03 - A FOREVER HOME

Tilly has been adopted by Christy,
Sean and Sophie Tulipana of
Kansas City, MO

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