Shana is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
Her DOB is 9/04

Shana was surrendered to a Shelter by
her owners.  According to the shelter
staff, the owners were an elderly
couple, the man was confined to a
wheelchair and the wife was a small
frail woman who said she just could not
control Shana any longer and it was
hard to walk her without the fear of
Shana pulling and knocking her down.  
With her husband in a wheelchair she
just saw no other way than to surrender
Shana to the shelter.

Shana's foster mom says Shana is very
quiet, no problems with barking at all.  
She gets along well with the foster's
other two dogs.  They all sit beside
each other and take treats in turn.  
Shana loves the snow and rolls and
rolls in it!  She has a great personality
and is a very sweet and loving
companion. She is great with people
and just a really good dog.  She knows
basic commands of sit, down, and

Shana is spayed and up to date on
David and Janice
In memory of
sweet Ana
MARCH 2014 -
Shana has been adopted by the
Ketler/Shirk Family of