Roarke is a 1 year old purebred male Soft
Coated Wheaten Terrier

Roarke had a really hard beginning to life,
born in a Missouri puppymill and then
contracted mange which made him
unsellable, he languished in a pen for
months, sick and unhappy until he was
finally released to rescue.

You can see pics of Roarke when he first
came into rescue and read the story of
him and the other dogs' from the mill that
were rescued on the same day by clicking

Roarke has completely recovered from
the mange and his hair has grown back in.
He has had a couple of other issues,
diarrhea and ear infections, that we are
currently getting taken care of.

Roarke is a sweet, gentle puppy, very
outgoing and playful, gets along well with
other dogs.

He is located in Kansas City, MO

Roarke is now at a healthy weight and
muscle tone and has all the other issues
under control. He does have a very
sensitive stomach and has to eat ProPlan
Sensitive Skin and Stomach to keep him
healthy. He has now been neutered and is
ready to find his forever home!

January 2007 - A

Roarke has been adopted
by the Lohan Family of

Sarah and Bill Morehouse
Susan Makoczy
Allison Walsh
In Loving Memory of
Kevin Murphy
Suzanne Larson