Phoebe is a 6 year old Purebred Soft Coated Wheaten
Terrier. She was used as a breeding dog in a puppymill.
Phoebe is a very tiny Wheaten, weighing in at only 20 lbs..
Phoebe is a quiet, sweet Wheaten and will make a good
'lap-dog' for someone with a quiet lifestyle. She does enjoy
racing around the yard at top speed when she is outside.
Phoebe would be happiest in a home where she is the only
pet, but would probably get along alright with a laid back
male dog.

Phoebe very much would like a person to call her own to pet
her all the time as she is very happy in the company of

Phoebe is located in Kansas City, MO


As you can see by these new pictures, Phoebe has
blossomed into a BEAUTIFUL Wheaten girl. Amazing
what some good food, love and grooming can do to
develop some self confidence and undo some of the
pain of living in a puppymill for the first 5.5 years of
your life can do to you.

The pictures at the bottom were taking in the first
days after she was taken into rescue, I think you will
agree the transformation, especially the look in her
eyes, is nothing short of amazing.

That she still loves and adores people after what she
has been through just shows what an amazing dog
she is.

Phoebe is an absolutely sweet girl, wanting nothing
more than the attention of the people around her.
Whoever makes this angel their own will be very lucky

2/23/03 - A FOREVER HOME

Phoebe has been adopted by Ann and
Daniel Kaat of Wisconsin

They made a 9 hour each way drive to
come to Kansas City to pick up Phoebe and
take her new home to meet her new
brother, Duffy

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