Oakey is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
His DOB is 4/26/06

Oakey is a owner turn-in. Previous
owner is moving to an apartment and
feels with Oakey's energy he needs a
home with a yard and a family who have
more time to spend with him. Some
information from them:

"Oakey loves to go for walks!!  During
our walks, he will occasionally hunch
down on all four and jump up when he
greets approaching dogs and
pedestrians to say hello.  He is very
socialized and has never acted
aggressive towards other dogs or
people.  He loves to sleep in the bed
with me.  He loves to be around people
and warmth.  As a negative, Oakey does
not like to be groomed.  He has to be
muzzled when he goes to the groomers.  
I think he must have had a very bad
experience when he was a puppy.  
Oakey loves the smell of pizza and
pasta, therefore you must keep it out of
reach.  If possible he will try to grab it
from the table.  Oakey loves children,
since he is an excitable boy I always
hold his leash a little tighter when we
approach so he will not jump on them
and knock them down."

Oakey is neutered and up to date on
AUGUST 2014 -  

Oakey has been adopted by