Molson is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
His DOB is 10/04

We were contacted by Molson's trainer,
stating she felt that Molson needed a
new home.  The previous owners were
not giving him any attention and he was
being pushed to the side.  The Previous
owner said that in the last 6 months they
have moved to a smaller home and have
had a new baby.  They just do not have
the time to give Molson right now and
think he will do best in a home that can
have time to play with him.

From the trainer:
"This is a good dog caught in a bad
situation with people having to simply
spread themselves too thin.  He an and
does interact with other dogs and I have
never seen anything but excitement and
friendliness with people, including when
going into his home when the owners
are away.  This is a dog that likes to play
games and be active.  He needs
stimulation from his owners."

Molson is neutered and up to date on
Wendy Wheaton Cusick
APRIL 2015 -  

Molson has been adopted by
K.K. Aldun