Mercy is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.  
Her DOB is 12/22/12

Mercy is a little bit of a mystery dog. We
were contacted about her after
attending the dog auction in SW
Missouri. Although when she arrived
she certainly looked and smelled as if
she had come from a mill, it quickly
became apparent that she did not have
the normal characteristics of a dog who
has lived her whole life in a cage.

Although she startles easily and can
be shy in the beginning, she is a
outgoing girl who knows how to walk
on a leash, comes when you call her
and enjoys car rides.

The mystery got even deeper when we
took her to the vet to be spayed. After
anesthetizing her the vets shaved her
belly and discovered a spay scar. So,
clearly, she was not being used as a
breeding dog. They went ahead and
cleaned her teeth and cleaned her ears
which were slightly infected since she
was already asleep.

Although we will never know the true
story of Mercy's life, we do know that
she is a sweet girl who is going to make
some lucky family very happy!

Mercy is spayed, up to date on shots
and has had her teeth cleaned.
Michael Carney
APRIL 2014

Mercy has been adopted
by Michael Carney