Lincoln is a male Wheatable. He is a Soft
Coated Wheaten Terrier/Springer
Spaniel mix.  His est. DOB is 11/12

Lincoln was part of a group of dogs that
were dropped off at a Rescue in Georgia
by a puppymiller who said they could no
longer afford to feed them. Truman came
in with Wheatable siblings,
Lincoln, & Betsy,

All three of the boys are very
traumatized by their first months in a
puppymill and we suspect abuse as well.
They are extremely fearful of humans.

We are working with them slowly to try
and tame them, at this point we cannot
even touch them without them reacting
aggressively out of fear.

Although we hoped to not have to
handle it in that manner, we did have to
anesthetize them to get them vetted and
shaved down. As you can see in the new
pictures, they are very short but it is
only fur and it will grow back.

These boys are, by far, the most
psychologically damaged of any
puppymill dogs we have gotten. It is
very sad to see them so absolutely
terrified of human beings. At this point
in time we have no idea when or if any of
them will be available for adoption.

Lincoln requires a quiet home with no
children under 16. He has come a
long way with his fear issues but
needs a home that will be very
understanding of him and be willing
to work with him more. He would
greatly benefit by being in a home
with a well adjusted female dog. We
will not place him in a home with
another puppymill dog in residence.

Lincoln is neutered and up to date on
shots prior.
Kathi Richards
Marc Conder
Brooke O'Reilly
Angela Wilson
Mary Jo McAuliffe
Carolyn Waterson
In honor of my
wonderful, sweet, gentle
giant Jimmy, who was
with us for 10 1/2 too
short years. He touched
many peoples' lives and
was loved by all.

- Lloyd Abrams
Dorothy Hurley
Ann O'Connor
Michael Randolph
MAY 2014 -  

Lincoln has been adopted by