Leo is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
His DOB is 2/16/14

Leo is a owner turn-in. He was not
getting along with another dog in the

Info from his past owner:

Leo loves car rides, he plays well with
the children in the home and has never
shown any aggression towards humans.  
He has been taught not to get on the
furniture unless invited, but he loves to
sleep in the bed with his humans.  So
they have to pick him up to put him in
the bed with them.  He loves kongs, ice
cubes and is  bad about counter
surfing!!!!  He is an incredibly sweet,
loving dog who loves to play chase or to
play with the soccer ball

Leo is not good with other dogs and
will need a home where he is the only
pet. He will also require a fenced
yard. We will not adopt this dog to a
home with children under 14 to
minimize the risk of him getting loose
and around other dogs.

Leo is neutered and up to date on shots.
Anne Geoghegan-Regan
Paul Iarrobino
Katherine Klimczak

Leo has been adopted by
Michael and Tracy Gothie