Karma is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
Her DOB is 10/29/08

Karma was a breeding dog in a puppymill
at one time, and was rescued at auction
along with 11 other purebred Wheatens.

We were able, with the help of many
Wheaten Angels, to attend the dog
auction and get these dogs out of the
breeding cycle so she can have a life
with a loving family as all dogs deserve
to have.

In looking at her paperwork we found
she was brought all the way from CA to
be sold at an auction in Missouri.

Karma is a little shy but loves to be
around people and after she warms up
to you she greets you with a friendly tail
wag and enjoys being petted.

Although it is evident that Karma has
had puppies in the past, the auction
listed her as "spaded and house broke".
Which, of course, rendered her useless
to a puppymiller and should have
resulted in a very low price at the

However, there was a ass of a
puppymiller there that thought he would
be cute since he knew we were a rescue
and decided to bid her up just to make
us pay more for her than we should
have. As soon as I realized what he was
doing I made a loud announcement that I
was not going to bid another dime and
he was about to end up with a really
expensive spayed dog and he decided
to quit.

She is named Karma as we expect that
karma will take care of that individual
both for being a puppymiller and for his
actions at the auction!

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Karma is spayed and up to date on shots.
Ann O'Connor
JULY 2014 -  

Karma has been adopted by