Hugo a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His estimated DOB is

Hugo was rescued from a hoarder
situation along with
Aaron, Linus and
Kate. Below is a little info on that:

I just took on 4 Wheaton's from a
collector of dogs. I believe I have two
males and two female's, none are current
on shots or fixed. They are so badly
matted its hard for them to walk. Shy but
not fear bitters. Not well leash trained,  
but  do try to come with you. Her way of
taking care of them was a trailer with a
fenced area, she would drive out there
to feed them, by throwing food over the
fence. They were outside dogs.

Hugo is a very, very sweet boy. He loves
to cuddle up next to you and be petted.
Gets along well with other dogs but will
defend himself if another dog comes at
him aggressively.

Update 1

Hugo has tested very light positive for
heartworms and is being treated. He will
be available for adoption the end of July
but applications can still be put in for him
so he can go to his new home as soon as
he is done.

Update 2

Hugo has recovered from his heartworm
treatment and had no complications. He
is now ready to move on to a forever

Update 3

As you can see by the progression of
pictures on this page, Hugo has come a
long way since coming into Rescue. His
physical condition is 100% better and he
is just the sweetest little boy you have
ever met. He is friendly and outgoing
and loves to be petted.

Hugo is neutered and up to date on

AUGUST 2010 -

Hugo has been adopted by
Kathy Bader of Washington

Judy Nemeth
Janelle Pitula
Leslie Steis
Havanna Tabbal
After First Grooming
Mal Hildebrand
Ann Kaat
Teri Sullivan
Jo Dixon
Markus & Ilka
with Oscar & Tessa
Leslie Whitaker
Kyle Golder
Darlene Ghents
Joseph G. Bergeron, Jr.
Leaving for CA - first leg on
his trip to his forever home!
Condition when first rescued