Hope is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 4/30/06.

Hope is one of 6 dogs that were
purchased at a puppymill auction to free
them from a life living in a small cages
producing puppies for the petstore
industry. Her purchase price was $800.

Hope is very outgoing and friendly. It is
obvious she has been a pet at some
time in her life. How she ended up in a
puppymills is unknown. You can learn
more about the special issues with dogs
freed from puppymills by clicking

Hope is missing half of her left ear. We
don;t know how it happened but she
could have been injured in a fight or had
her ear frozen in the winter. It is not
really noticeable with her fur long
except the remainder of the ear sticks
up as you can see in her pictures.

Hope is very pregnant. We were told she
is due December 10. X-Rays showed five
puppies for sure with the possibility of
others being hidden under the ones
seen. She will not be available for
adoption until after the puppies have
been weaned. We will be able to give an
estimate of when that will be after the
puppies are born.

According to the paperwork we received
with Hope the father to her puppies is

Hope is spayed and up to date on shots.
In memory of
Killian O' Kaycee
from Nigel Paddington
Dasher Dan and Katie
Audrey Plowes
Richard Ekstrum
Carol Rahn
Leslie Steis
Connie Vancil
Karen Diehl
Jude Janoska
Linda Keehn
Kyle Jones
Theresa Incagnoli
Larry Thompson
Scott Sarian
Pro Discounters, Inc.
Franki Corbett
Jane Ochman
Larry Thompson
Debra Murray
Ann Kaat

Hope has been adopted by
Diana Kornish of New York