Harper is a female Wheatable.   
Her DOB is 11/11

Harper is a owner turn-in.
Some info from the owner:

"We have two young children and she is
their best friend and so patient with
them.  I have no worry at all for their
safety.  Our issue is that we have people
coming in and out of our house..
sometimes unannounced and Harper will
be aggressive towards them, but we can
usually stop or intervene before
something happens.  Obviously when
we know we have company coming we
crate her and only bring her out when
we can control the situation  She is very
nervous and tries to "manage" people
when they are over.  I know she is being
aggressive  to get the response she
wants.. people or dogs to stay away.  
She just needs to be somewhere with
less traffic.

Harper is motivated by food/treats.  She
can sit, laydown (hand signal) and roll  
over.  She loves her crate and sleeps
there at night, uses bells on the door to
signal she needs to go out, she likes
chew toys, but will destroy a stuffed
animal,  and she is happy to hang out
next to you if you are working or sitting
on the couch reading.  She likes a
routine, and likes to know what is
coming next in the day"

We will not place this dog in a
home with children under 16

Harper is spayed and up to date on

Harper has been stolen by
of New Bern NC

Although we believe Harper
to be safe, the Barry's have
failed to sign the required
adoption contract and pay
the Adoption Fee