Dublin is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
His DOB is 1/10

Dublin was left at a grooming facility by
his owners and did not want him back.  
They turned him over to the groomer to
rehome.  She could not afford him and
did not want to keep him so she
contacted S'Wheat Rescue.  Apparently
the previous owners had been gone for
a couple of weeks when they contacted
her that they had gotten a new dog and
did not want Dublin anymore and for her
to just take him to the shelter or give
him away.

Info from the groomer

"Dublin is energetic, good with all
people and children.  He prefers males
but loves women too.  He likes other
dogs, but gets overwhelmingly excited
to meet and greet them and most dogs
do not like this.  He's very smart, listens
well to commands, but hates going into
the crate and will bark at the door while
you are closing it."

Dublin is neutered and up to date on
shots. He is located in Hardeeville, SC

Dublin has been stolen by
of Hardeville SC

Although we believe Dublin
to be safe, Mr. Bright has failed
to sign the required adoption
contract and pay
the Adoption Fee