Dolly is a female Wheatable. She is a Soft
Coated Wheaten Terrier/Springer
Spaniel mix. Her DOB is 6/29/13

Dolly was born into Rescue. Her mother,
Betsy was part of a group of dogs that
were dropped off at a Rescue in Georgia
by a puppymiller who said they could no
longer afford to feed them. Besides
Betsy there were her two brothers,
Lincoln & Jackson, a purebred male
Wheaten, Truman and a couple of
Springer mixes. They were told all of the
dogs were male but quickly found out
that one was a very pregnant female
who gave birth to 7 puppies on June 29.

The other puppies have been named
Yankee, Sparky, Dandy, Boomer,
Doodle & Liberty

The dogs were all kept penned together
so any and all of the males could be the
fathers to the puppies as every puppy in
a litter can have a different father.

Dolly is spayed and up to date on shots
Leslie Steis
Austin Moody

Dolly has been adopted
by the Powell Family
of New Orleans