Wendy Wheaton Cusick

Chloe is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier .
Her DOB is 8/27/14

Chloe is a owner turn-in.
Some info from the owner:

"I believe she would do best with a
family who is home often, a stay at home
parent, or people who work from
home...I took her to the vet last night
and he suggested your site. He agrees
that she is just a high energy dog that
needs lots of attention, something that I
didn't consider when we first purchased
her. This is my first dog and the fact that
she was so cute kinda took over the
facts that we are busy parents, both with
full time jobs, and busy weekends, it was
truly an honest mistake we made when
we decided to get a dog, a very selfish
decision we made, she is fully
vaccinated up to date, she has a crate,
food, leash, rabbies tag, collar, toys,
everything a dog needs, except for the
attention she deserves (tears in my eyes
as I type)...She has never bitten anyone
or is aggressive or angry, never. I
attached some pics of her, she's
amazing and annoyingly cute. I just
regret to say we are not the suitable
parents for her. She deserves more
than just a life in a crate, which as harsh
as that sounds, is what I feel is

Chloe is spayed and up to date on
MAY 2015 -  

Adopted by:
Jeanette & Charles Burson