Chelsea is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
Her DOB is 12/09

Chelsea is a owner turn-in. The owner
has had to move in with her daughter
and has no yard.  She is completely
disabled and unable to take care of
Chelsea the way she needs to be.  As
well as they now live in the same home
with their grandchildren and Chelsea is
not happy having to share the attention.  

From his foster family:

Chelsea is a very sweet loving dog, but
she is afraid of the groomer's hair dryer
and will try and bite it, so anyone who
grooms her must be alert to not place
their hand on the dryer where Chelsea
may bite it. She is not trying to bite the
person, just the hair dryer. Chelsea is on
the small side, she weighs about 30
pounds with a combination of Irish and
American coat. It gets incredibly thick
and tangled if she is not brushed
religiously. Chelsea  has been to
obedience class but did not do well.  
She seemed uncomfortable around the
other dogs - not aggressive at all -
uncomfortable.  But she lived in our
home with a beagle/terrier and got along
great.  She has learned some things and
does them enthusiastically.  You can tap
your fingers together on your left side
when you want to put her leash on and
she comes every time.  If you tell her to
"go around" it's because she is
wrapping the leash around you, she
knows to reverse course and go back
the other way.

Chelsea is spayed and up to date on
JANUARY 2014 -

Chelsea has been adopted by
the Opremcak/Short Family of
New Jersey