Albie is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
Her DOB is 2/18/08

Albie is a owner turn-in.
Some info from them:  

"I recently adopted a wonderful little
wheaten, Albie, into my home from an
elderly couple who were not able to
manage her care.  She had poor skin
and ear conditions due to food
allergies.  So after a change in diet and
trips to the vet, she is doing
wonderfully.  Unfortunately, she does
not get along well with my  Wheaten and
I really need to find her a single dog
home that will give her the attention and
special care she deserves.

Albie has been around other dogs and
generally ignores them or engages in
regular sniffing and such. Her only
dominance issues are in the house with
my female particularly around food and
toys. She loves all the people she
meets, adores cuddling and hugging
and gives wheaten "kisses". When I first
got her she could not jump up on people
because of her hips, but now is quiet
adept at that and jumping around on her
back feet for food. So we are working on
training her to not jump up on people
and she is responding quite well to
verbal commands. Abbie shows some
interest in toys, but LOVES chasing a
laser point and shadows. She is a
sensitive little girl, so the fewer
transitions the better."

Albie will require a home
where she is the only pet.

Albie is spayed and up to date on shots.
Dinah Brock
Maria Rocheleau
Chris Bright
Jennifer Stuart
Albie has been adopted
by Carolyn Olberg
of Washington