Aaron is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His estimated DOB is

Aaron was rescued from a hoarder
situation along with
Hugo, Linus and
Kate. Below is a little info on that:

I just took on 4 Wheaton's from a
collector of dogs. I believe I have two
males and two female's, none are current
on shots or fixed. They are so badly
matted its hard for them to walk. Shy but
not fear bitters. Not well leash trained,  
but  do try to come with you. Her way of
taking care of them was a trailer with a
fenced area, she would drive out there
to feed them, by throwing food over the
fence. They were outside dogs.

Aaron is an intelligent boy. He liked the
treats we had and when we were not
looking managed to snatch the gallon
container they were in and twisted the
lid off so he could get to the treats

He is very sweet and loves attention.

As you can see in the pics on the right,
the conditions of the dogs when they
came into Rescue was really bad.

As you can see in the pics on the left
they have all been to the groomer and
gotten batched and shaved down and
look much better. Please remember that
even though they aren't going to win any
beauty contests now, in a few weeks
they will be growing out and looking
good again. Don't judge them by their
bad hairdo's!

Aaron is neutered and up to date on
shots prior to adoption.


Aaron has been adopted by the
LaPenta Family of Illinois

Janelle Pitula
Leslie Steis
Havana Tabbal