Puppymill Survivors  
Transport Offer
S'Wheat Rescues will attempt to setup a transport for any adult dog (over 12 months of age) that is a
puppymill survivor.
We cannot guarantee that we will be successful in setting up every transport but
we will attempt to do so.

Adopters must be a part of the transport and be willing to drive at least 300 miles towards where the
dog is located in order to participate. It may not be necessary for the adopter to travel that far
depending on what we can get setup for volunteers. We do not offer any assistance if the adopter
lives less than 300 miles from the dog they are adopting.

We do require any dog being transported by volunteers to be crated during the transport for the
safety of the dogs. Puppymill dogs can be a high flight risk and we do not want one to get out of a
car during transport. There will be an additional charge of $60 in addition to the Adoption Fee to
cover the cost of the crate. The crate will be the property of the Adopter at the end of the Transport.