Goose is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
His DOB is 3/12

Goose is a owner turn-in. Family is
losing home and divorcing.  The owner
does not think she will be able to take
Goose with her.  She feels he will not
get the attention he needs and
deserves once the family separates.

"Goose is just about the sweetest,
gentlest dog I have ever met.  He is a
lover!!  He just wants to be loved on and
petted and talked to.  If he senses petting
is imminent, he'll flop down on his back,
legs in the air and just sign contentedly.  
He is very submissive with humans.  He
does not like car rides though.  Our home
has been a war zone for the past two
years.  I adopted this sweet, happy, gentle
dog for selfish, dumb reasons and I deeply
regret what I brought him into.  He is
super sensitive to yelling and loud
banging doors.  He cowers and hides,
never gets vicious when he feels
threatened.  In a calm, gentle, loving
home, he will be the best pet you could
ever want.  I hope the next home he has is
peaceful and happy.  He is too often
pushed to the side - he deserves a family
who TRULY WANTS him and adores his
sweet, ebullient, inquisitive, snuggle

Goose is neutered and up to date on
JULY 2014 -  

oose has been adopted by