Zoe is a female Wheatable.  Her
estimated DOB is 6/07

Zoe is a owner turn-in. Below is some
info from them.

I am moving (downsizing) and getting
ready to go back to school. I am going to
anesthesia school which will require a
full time commitment. In addition, I work
long hours and recognize that I am not
giving her the attention she requires
and deserves, and that time will be less
when school starts. She needs a yard to
run around in and someone who has
time to devote to her, as well as a love
for the breed and their unique
personalities. Zoe does the “wheaten
greetin” whenever I walk through the
door and is incredibly sweet. It is
extremely upsetting for me to think of
parting with her but I want what is best
for her and I am no longer it.

Zoe was originally adopted from the
local pound by my brother and his
family. My brother has 10 children, 7 of
which are under the age of 10.  Zoe was
overwhelmed to say the least by all of
the children. She has never bitten to my
knowledge but would growl and snap at
2 of the kids who would, I believe, pull
her ears and pet her roughly. She has
since been around kids of all ages,
teenage to toddler, and not had any
trouble. She has not growled or
snapped one time. I have been very
careful to monitor her around kids and
vice versa. She seemed very nervous
and shy when first coming to live with
me, it took her about two weeks to fully
warm up to me and my 11 year old
Boston Terrier, Molly. She defiantly tired
to take over the house upon arrival but
has found her place with us.

Since coming to live with me she has
truly blossomed. She is still a bit shy
when meeting new people for the first
time and startles easily (drops to the
ground with tail tucked between her
legs) with loud noises or voices. She
has yelped when new people rub her
ears or belly. I have to wonder if she
was abused in her past. She is a very
sweet girl, who loves to ride in the car,
hike, and run around the yard. She is
good with other dogs; she has play
dates with my parent’s pack of dogs and
has a great time playing with their
mastiff. She needs a little more work on
the leash, when we first head out for a
walk or hike she will pull and choke until
she settles down.

Due to Zoe's past with children
we will not consider homes with
children under 14 for this dog.

Zoe is spayed and up to date on shots.
JUNE 2011 -

Zoe has been adopted by
Sandra Thomas of Arizona