Zeus is an approx. 3-4 year old male
Wheatable. He weighs approx. 40 lbs.

Zeus is a very sweet, laid back boy
and gives a mean Wheaten Greetin'.
He gets along well with other dogs
and all people. He loves to hug and
cuddle and loves to play with a ball
and fuzzy toys.

Zeus came into rescue with
heartworms which have been treated.
In his first foster home he got loose
and was hit by a car requiring surgery
on his leg but it has been repaired
and is healed with no lasting effects.

He is neutered and up to date on


Zeus has been adopted by
Katherine Engel of Minnesota

Feel better soon you sweet
Lisa and Kramer
Get well soon Zeus!
Brooke Rhodes
Elena Acakios
Darlene Ghents
Sean Redding
Christina Alvares
Trudy Ketler
Tina Pipinos
Linda Tunstall
Best wishes to Zeus
Geraldine Lambrecht
Shiela Johnston
Janelle Pitula
Wishing Zeus a speedy
recovery so he'll soon be
running and playing again.
Rob Burke and Kacey
Dear Zeus. wishing you a
speedy recover. I will be
watching your progress.
Cheryl Pongratz
Mary Hain
You're in our prayers.
Dorothy & John Hurley
In Loving Memory of
Taylor Dayne
Tim and Jayne Lewis
Cairn Kisses, Westie Nose
Nudges, and a Whirl from
the S'Wheatie!
Nancy and the terrific
terraforming terriers in
Deep River, CT
Claire Adams
Rosemary Nichols
Best Wishes to Zeus for a
speedy recovery and
finding a good home.
Kerry & Mia Marinov
Zeus, we hope you are
back up on all 4's quickly!
Harry in NC
Jennifer Plumb
David Burnworth
Best Wishes for Zeus for a
speedy recovery and
finding a good home.
Kerry and Mia Marinov