Whitley is a female Wheatable.  
Her est. DOB is 12/09

Whitley is on the small side weighing in
at 20 lbs but is underweight at this time

Whitley was taken into a animal shelter
after being hit by a car. X-Rays have
shown damage to her left hip socket,
stifle & femoral head and she will require
extensive surgery and several months
of recuperation after the surgery.

We found out about Whitley just a few
days before she was to be euthanized
and had to scramble to find her a foster
home willing to take on a long term
foster and help her with her
recuperation. Luckily for Whitney just
such an Angel found their way to us in
the nick of time and Whitney is now
safely in her foster home.

She will first go in and be shaved down
as she is severely matted and after that
we will get her in for surgery on her leg
and hip.

Please stay tuned for more pictures and
info as we get to know her.

Whitney will be spayed and brought up
to date on shots prior to adoption.
Constance Busso
Anne Burson-Tolpin
Patricia Farrelly
In memory of
"Beloved Kush & Babe"
Janelle DeArment
In Memory of
Joy Bouchie
Harper Watters
James Harding
Steve Soares
Dinah Brock
Merry Christmas
Beverly Rzepka
Nancy Chapa
Michael Shaffer
John Ruetz
Linda Kent
Patty Owens

Whitley has been adopted by
Kathleen Gibson of New Jersey