Webster is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
His DOB is 10/24/05

Webster is a owner turn-in. Some
information from them:

"I went through a divorce almost 2 years
ago.  It has been a struggle to keep the
house and meet bills.  I took on a
second job in September and it is still
difficult to meet grooming and vet bills
as well as give him the attention.  He
spends way to much time alone and no
longer gets the walks or trips to the dog
park on a regular basis.  I love Webster
beyond belief and have made this
decision so he can have the life he
deserves.  When we first got him I was a
stay at home mom, so it was great.  
We've seen barking, digging, and
peeing and then days where he just
seems depressed since I began the
second job.  This breaks my heart and I
know I won't get through this without a
lot of tears, but I am also sure it is what
is right for him."

Webster is neutered and up to
date on shots.

Webster has been adopted by
Allison Talus of Colorado