Tucker is a male Wheatable.  His
estimated DOB is 7/03

Tucker is a owner turn-in. Some info
from the owners:

I am giving him up because I lost my
house due to foreclosure. I am moving
into a duplex. I don't have the room for
him, but I also cannot afford to care for
him any more (I declared bankruptcy in
addition to foreclosure and I don't have
a lot of extra income).

Tucker is very good natured. He is great
with kids and has never snapped or
bitten anyone.  I have two girls who are
now 14 and 10. When they were younger
they would play with him pretty
vigorously, and he never was troubled
by it.

Tucker does have skin allergies that can
be controlled.

I'm hoping that there is someone who
would be willing to take him on and give
him the love and attention he deserves.

From his foster mom:

He still bounces around like a puppy
though. I bet he would love to go
jogging with you or hiking. Completely
house trained, and knows basic cues
(sit, down, and quiet). Not much for
barking, though he does have a BIG
bark when he us...es it. Would be best
with a family with no small animals (he
will go after cats). Has a great off switch
(the one thing age has brought him, lol).

Tucker is neutered and up to date on
This donation is to honor
all those involved in
Marley's transport..thank
u! Sharon, David, Corey,
Lee Levine and soon,
Marley too!

Tucker has been adopted by
Tiffany Mitchell of Iowa