Tilley is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.
Her DOB is 3.16.12

TILLEY is good with dogs and often goes
to doggy daycare, where she seems to
do best with the smaller dogs at this
point. She chases cats for fun, but has
never hurt one.  Tilley's FAVORITE game
is to play catch - she can do it 24/7 and is
very energetic.  Tilley loves to ride in
the car and her job is to bring in the
newspaper each day.  She has had
obedience training and knows some
commands.  She is said to be loving,
affectionate, sweet, very smart, and
extremely funny as only a wheaten
pup can be :)

TILLEY can be fearful of strangers and
will often hide from them and seem
fearful of them.  When she meets dogs
on walks, she can seem fearful also.  
She is said to be timid at times, but
gives a great wheaten-greetin with
people she knows.  It seems
that once she is out of her "comfort
zone" she is fearful and may be slow to
warm until she knows you better.

Tilley does not like young children, and
will bark at them and lunge a bit.  She
has never bitten or hurt a child other
than jumping and scratching during her
greeting.  The neighborhood kids are
afraid of her a bit and that just seems to
egg her on.  The former owners now
have grandkids moving to their area and
cannot trust that Tilley will not injure
them some day.

We will not consider homes with
children under 12 for this dog.

Tilley is spayed and up to date on shots.
MAY 2013 -

Tilley has been adopted by
Holly Van Dyk of
New Jersey