Teddy is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. His DOB is 12.21.11

Teddy is a owner turn-in. former owners
have 2 other dogs - a female wheaten
which Teddy Bear plays with and is very
close to, and an intact male shiba
inu/eskimo mix.  The male dogs fight
often and it is starting to turn very ugly
and the former owner is unable to keep
them separated as needed.  Teddy Bear
was originally purchased to breed with
their female wheaten, but her first litter
had problems and the female
had to be spayed.

Teddy Bear is a bright, high energy
wheaten male.  He LOVES going to
the dog parks and playing with other
dogs, and is great with all kids and
adults too.  He has gone to puppy
classes and done very well.  
He loves to play and romp all day!

Teddy is neutered and is up to date on
MARCH 2013 -

Teddy has been adopted by
Kristen Alford of Colorado