Tandie is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.   
His DOB is 2/11/07

Tandie is a owner turn-in. Tandie is a
very social dog and loves being around
his family.  He loves to ride in the car, go
on walks, and snuggle while his owner is
reading a book or watching television.

Tandie is not good with small children.
We will not place him in a home with
children under 16

Tandie has a fear of vets and becomes
aggressive in the vets office. He does
have to be muzzled prior to going to a

From his previous owner:

We got Tandie as a puppy and have had
a good experience with him.  We are,
however, getting older and are finding
he is more energetic than we are.  
We've had Tandie is many dog parks and
kennels over the years.  In later years,
we've found that he is what I'll call "food
or water aggressive" with other dogs in
a dog park or kennel setting.  This isn't a
problem with us as we've often taken
food out of his mouth (when he's picked
up something we didn't want him to eat
when we are walking)  and he accepts it
without any fuss.  Tandie does love his
crate and prefers to sleep in at night
rather than in bed with us

From his foster family:

Tandie is a sweet heart!  When we first
met him, he greeted us with spins and
kisses (he loves people!).  He had a four
hour drive home with us but settled
right in and slept the whole way.  He
loves to be around us and will just jump
right up on the couch to hang out with
us.  He thoroughly enjoys all the walks
we've taken him on and does well on
leash.  He loves the backyard but
REALLY loves when you go out there
and play with him.  He'll get a toy and
want you to play with it with him and
chase him around.  He wags that little
tail of his when you enter the room he's
in or will put his paws out to reach you
as you get closer.  He loves his crate.  
We have it set up but keep the door
open at all times.  He tends to visit it
some on his own.  We gave him and bath
and he could not have been more
perfect.  We just tapped on the edge of
the tub and he jumped right in and did
not move a muscle the entire bath time!  
He's plays well with other dogs (if toys
are not involved).  He has the sweetest
eyes and they tell you exactly how his
heart is.  Whoever gets this dog will be
welcoming a wonderful dog into their

Tandie is neutered and up to date on
JANUARY 2014 -

Tandie has been adopted by the
Thomas Family of
North Carolica