Shamus is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her estimated DOB is

Shamus is a owner turn-in. Some info
from them:

My dog is in need of rescue. He’s 8
years old (will be 9 in October) and in
very good physical condition. I got him
as a puppy however I lost him in my
divorce in 2006 and just got him back
last year. During the 3 years that he
remained with my ex-husband, he was
not cared for properly and was left in his
crate for hours on end. He came back to
me with lots of behavioral issues and an
inability to be confined in the crate for
any period of time. He’s neutered and up
to date on all of his shots. He’s also just
had his teeth cleaned.

He has some behavioral issues which I
am currently unable to resolve as I have
a 17-month old son who is taking up the
bulk of my time. Namely, Shamus has
snapped and mouthed on occasion
when the doorbell rings and he’s been
restrained from going to the door. He
also jumps up on visitors and at 45 lbs.
this can be troublesome. I personally
have had serious medical issues this
past year which have only added more
stress to Shamus’ situation and which
prevent me from spending the time with
him that he needs to get back to his
sweet wheatie self.   

I think a home with no small children and
someone at home during the day would
be ideal. He can be the most loving and
devoted companion again.

Shamus is neutered and up to date on
Markus & Ilka with
Oscar & Tessa
Dinah Brock
MAY 2011 -

Shamus has been adopted by
the Khan Family of Pennsylvania