Shaggy is a male Wheatable.  
His est. DOB is 6/07

He has a beautiful full tail and weighs
about 50 lbs of fun and fluff and will
make someone an awesome family pet.

Shaggy had an eventful start in life.  He
was found abandoned at about 5 months
old and was taken in by a kind neighbor
who works with a local animal rescue
and fosters several dogs through them.  
Shaggy has since been cared for by her,
has been a wonderful addition to her
household, but she now feels that he
would be more comfortable in a home of
his own and is asking for our help in
finding the perfect new forever home
for him.

He does great with all of the other
dogs but
does not get along with cats.  
He has a mostly-submissive attitude but
has the typical wheaten strong-willed
mentality and loves to romp and play.  
He loves playing with kids but has a
tendency to play rough with them so
would do best with older kids.

Shaggy is very friendly but may be timid
with strangers until he gets to know
them.  He is not aggressive but does
not like being groomed or having his
nails cut. He gets very fearful, so he
gets trimmed at home when needed.
He LOVES going on walks!  He is said
to be very bright and knows some
tricks as well.  

Shaggy is neutered & up
to date on shots.

Shaggy has been adopted by
the Krummen Family of