Scout is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Her DOB is 2/13

Scout is a owner turn-in. Previous
Owner has a male cousin that Scout
does not like.  She did not like him when
she first met him as a puppy and has
always been leery of him.  He came into
the home a couple of days ago and
rather than taking Scout's warning barks
seriously, continued to approach her.  
Scout bit him on the hand.

"She is very affectionate and playful with
adults and kids.  Her initial reaction is to
approach and when particularly happy
give the "wheaten greetin".  She has
been raised by three doting daughters
who poke, prod and wrestle with her.  
She has never harmed or acted
aggressively towards them.  Sometimes
she plays a bit rough, but responds well
to commands to stop.  She loves her
crate and is happy to go in there
willingly.  Her trainer describes Scout as
"a very workable dog".  The trainer was
so confident in her opinion that she
encouraged the owners to keep Scout.  
But we know that our family cannot fulfill
the requirement, heartbreaking though
it is."

Scout is spayed and up to date on shots
prior to adoption.
Colleen Foy
AUGUST 2014 -  

Scout has been adopted by