Sandy is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her DOB is 12/15/08.

Sandy is an owner turn-in. She was a
puppymill rescue dog and they said she
was scared of the husband. As we have
not seen any shyness with her with
anyone, including men and children we
believe there must be more to the story
as to why she was scared of this
particular man.

Update from foster mom:

Sandy is being a great house guest,
curious georgette to say the least! She
scarfed down her food, as if she hasn't
eaten in a while and drank a lot of water.  
Took her on two walks already and she
seems fine with the harness and collar.  
She loves to play with her ball, sits, and
even gives paw!!!!!!  She is getting along
just fine with Cooper and Molly and does
not seem to have any issues with the
hubby.....After being with Sandy for just a
few hours...I can not see any reason why
this family would abandon her the way
they did!!!!

Sandy is spayed, heartworm negative
and up to date on shots.  
APRIL 2010 -

Sandy has been adopted by the
Hoblitzell Family of New Jersey