Sam is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. His DOB is 7/4/09.

Sam is a owner turn-in. The reason
given was that he is fighting with
another male dog in the home. Some
information is below:

We bought Sam when he was 6 months
old and he has been timid and skittish
through out the whole time we have had
him  He has been aggressive  towards
our other dog. It is random and not
consistent when it happens. Sam also  
has a tendency to growl if someone gets
close to him when he is eating. It doesn't
happen on a normal basis it is very

Sam will do best in a household where
he is the only pet or with a laid back
female dog. The owner said he does
better with women than with men. We
will update this information when we can
observe him and see how he does with
the other dogs in the rescue.

Sam is neutered and up to date on shots.

APRIL 2011 -

Sam has been adopted by the
Albright Family of Minnesota

Gina Cagle
Sally J Higgins