Wendy Wheaton Cusick

Zoey is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier .
Her DOB is 10/07

Zoey is a owner turn-in

"this has been a very hard decision for
our family to make.  We see no
alternative, we have two wheaten
females and they have fought over the
last 3 years off and on.  We have
managed to keep them separate with
baby gates during the day.  We had a
trainer come to our home to try and help
us work through the problem.  We
thought we had come up with an answer
to keep both dogs safe.  Now Zoey has
begun jumping the baby gate and they
have gotten into a couple of fights.  We
know it is not fair to either dog to be put
in this situation.  Zoey has been boarded
several times and does fine with the
other dogs at puppy daycare.  We have
never had any reports of aggression
towards other dogs at all. Zoey is
extremely tolerant of our two young
sons.  She lets them lay on her, pet her
pull her hair and trip all over her with no
aggressive reaction at all.  She is always
gentle and docile with them.  She is that
way with every human she has ever
encountered.  She is kennel trained and
loves to play outside.  She loves
attention and being petted.  She has had
excellent vet care her entire life.  She is
a smaller girl, weighing only 28 pounds."

Zoey is spayed and up to date on
AUGUST 2015 -  

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