Willow is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Her DOB is 10/14

Molly was surrendered by her owner's.
They were moving and feel it will not be
fair or practical to take her with them.

From the owner's:
"Willow is very friendly and out-going.  
She is also stubborn as this breed is
known to be.  She can be very snippy
and will growl when upset.  It sounds
like she wants to tear us apart, but she
does not bite, and we can use a stern
"NO' command and she will stop with the
snipping, but will continue to bark.  But I
see this as her way of playing.  We would
like a good loving home for her.  She is
great at the dog park and loves to play
with the other dogs.  When meeting
strangers, she is very happy to see

Willow is spayed and is up to date on
shots. She is located in
Chesapeak Beach, MD
Be a Wheaten
Angel for Willow!

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Wendy Wheaton Cusick