Wendy Wheaton Cusick

Scotty is a male Wheatable
His est DOB is 12/12

Scotty came to us through Half-Way
Home Rescue. He had lived his life out
on a chain and was very skin and matted
to the skin. The picture below was taken
right after he was taken in and he was
shaved down.

Scotty was very scared and unsure of
people and was a bit of a fear snapper.
He did not actually bite but acted like he
would. We were contacted to take him
into rescue and he came to the Rescue
headquarters to be evaluated.

Scotty has come a LONG way in the last
couple of months. As you can see his fur
has grown out. He has also lost most of
his fear issues and is no longer
snapping out of fear.

Scotty is a VERY agile dog. If someone
wanted to get into agility or some other
activity like that Scotty would be the
perfect boy. He can and will jump over a
4 foot fence like it is not even there. The
only fence that can contain him is a solid
6 ft. fence. He can, of course, be taken
out on a leash and is fine with that but
he cannot be let out into a yard with less
than a 6 ft. fence.

We will not adopt this dog to a home
with children under 16 due to his initial
fear aggression issues for the safety of
the children.

He has blue paint on his shoulder in
these pictures as he tried to help my
husband paint and it won't wash out LOL

Scotty is neutered and up to date on
APRIL 2015 -  

Scotty has been adopted by