Rudy is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 7/2/09

Rudy is a owner-turn-in. Rudy was left
chained outside when he needed to go
out, and one day this week, the
neighbors dogs ran over to Rudy's yard
and attacked him.  A few days later, Rudy
snuck out the door and ran over to the
same neighbors and got a little payback
on those dogs.  There was no real
damage done from what we are told, just
scratches, but the neighbors got
extremely upset and demanded
that Rudy either get rehomed
immediately, or taken to be euthanized.  
We were given one day to act.

Once we heard Rudy's story and found
out what a great dog he is normally, we
couldn't let Rudy down and put him
through more of an ordeal.  His family
loved him and was devastated but did
not know what to do.  Within hours, a
foster home was found, and Rudy was
transported to them, to safety.

Rudy is neutered, microchipped & up to
date on shots.
JULY 2013 -

Rudy has been adopted by the
Brian/Scarsella Family of
New York