Riley is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. His estimated DOB is

Some info on Riley:

The current caretakers cannot do the
work that this animal needs.  The owners
kept it in a bathroom for months.

When the caretakers first got it, I agreed
to groom it since I do my own dog
grooming.  This animal had fecal matter
stuck in fur up to its' armpits; urine burns
on its' back and stomach; mats the size
of golf balls that prohibited free leg
movement; a matted mouth so that it
couldn't eat properly; underweight by
about 10-15 pounds (the hip bones
clearly visible as well as spine) at least;
an infected eye; heavy wax build up in
its' ears - and the list goes on.   Suffice it
to say - this dog needed a lot ofwork.

What I know:  the dog has no socialization
whatsoever; is an extreme flight
risk; high level of fear; not aggressive
with either food or my dogs.  He is good
with children (caretaker has three boys)
but due to lack of socialization - doesn't
interact.  Having spent months in
isolation - he doesn't know how to act.

The caretakers have worked with the
owners to get them to agree to
relinquish the dog.  I have agreed to help
since they have never had such a
situation like this and they trust me.

Riley has now been officially signed over
to the Rescue and is ready for a forever
home. Homes interested in Riley should
read our information page on puppymill
scarred dogs by clicking
HERE. Riley will
need a calm, quiet home where he can
be socialized and learn that people are
not all scary and bad.

Riley is neutered and up to date on shots
prior to adoption.


Riley has been adopted by the
Morrissey Family of Connecticut
where he joins Erin who was
doption #461!

Gloria Ann Moore