Wendy Wheaton Cusick

Riley is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.
Her DOB is 6/21/12

Riley was turned into a animal shelter by
her owners after she bit the owner on
the ankle when she took away an EOS lip
balm ball from her.  Riley has resource
guarding issues.  She will guard her
toys, but has no issues over her food.  
Riley's previous owners contacted their
breeder but she would not take Riley
back, so that is how she ended up
at the shelter.

Some info from the owner:

"We took Riley to obedience classes
when she was a puppy, but she failed
the class because she would just lay
down and not get up or wanted to play
with the other dogs in the class.  She
does get very excited when young
children are around, so she will do
better in a home without
young children I think"

Riley is spayed and up to date on shots.
SEPTEMBER 2015 -  

Adopted by: