Riley is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. His est DOB is 12/11

Riley came to us through a shelter here
in MO. He was turned in by his owner
who said he did not get along with   
other male dogs and that they kept him
outside only or in the garage. The  
owner said he stepped over Riley in the
dark and scared him and Riley nipped
him. The shelter tested him and found
no aggression issues but wanted him
to be placed through a rescue
and contacted us.

We have found Riley to be a very sweet
boy who is very much wanting to be
loved. We believe he has been abused
and if he is in pain or scared he will nip
at you in warning but it is out of fear and
not aggression. When he feels safe and
not threatened he is a very sweet boy
who wants to be loved and practically
climbs into your lap when you pay
attention to him.

He needs a home that will be
understanding and give him room and
time to learn to trust them and is aware
of his issues.

He was severely matted when he came
into rescue, probably from living
outdoors and had to be shaved.

We will not adopt this dog to a home
with children under 16 due to his fear
nipping. He is fine with female dogs and
some male dogs but will fight with any
male who challenges him.

Riley is neutered and up to date on
Laura Coons
Sue Hood
MARCH 2015 -  

Ozzy has been adopted by
Jean and Tommy Childress