Riley is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His est. DOB is 2/11

Riley is a owner turn-in.
Some info from them:

He has always been extremely nervous
and jumpy in our home.  However, he is
an adorable, sweet little boy and has
never shown aggression in any form.  In
the evenings, Riley would often be
found (somewhat) relaxed in Grandma's
room. Our home is generally very calm
and peaceful.  Likewise anyone that
knows our son knows he is an extremely
sensitive, loving boy who would never,
ever cause harm to any soul.  However,
it appears Riley has somehow picked-up
on, and has aversion to, our son's
(autistic) demeanor.  Riley has become
extremely tense & frightened when in
his presence.  Riley has always required
that we all leave the room before he
would eat or drink from his bowl.  But
now, Riley will not eat or drink if he even
hears our son from another room.  When
our son is home, Riley will generally be
found hiding in a distant room (often
times in our master bathroom) and "on
guard".  In order for Riley to drink or eat,
we have to make sure our goes to his
room and remains quite.  Needless to
say, we find this disturbing…and hurtful
to our son.

About two months ago, we joined a local
(private) dog park to offer Riley exercise
and exposure to other dogs.  He really
loves that and we were hopeful it would
help Riley.  I also walk Riley a minimum
of three times a day, including a nice,
long evening walk with the family.  We
find this walk very enjoyable.  

In the long term, we are hopeful that
with much love and work, Riley may
learn to overcome many of his fears.  In
the short term however, it is painfully
clear to us that Riley is not happy.  This
situation has become stressful for our
family and it is simply not working for
us...or Riley.  We believe Riley needs to
be placed in a home with another dog(s)
to learn from and model after.  As
difficult as this is, we have decided that
it is in our family's best interest (as well
as that of Riley's) to surrender him to
S'Wheat Rescues for appropriate re-

Riley is neutered, up to date on shots
and microchipped.
Gerald Snead
Nancy Sansone

Riley has been adopted
by Bryan Pratt of