Rainee is a purebred female Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  Her est. DOB is 2/07

Rainee was a breeding dog in a
puppymill. She was released into
rescue along with
Remi and Ryder

Rainee is very sweet with and loves
people, she does not, however, love
other dogs.

Some information from her current
foster mother:

I have been Rainee’s foster mom since
the first of March and she is so sweet
and has come such a long way.  She is
completely house and crate trained.  
She loves running after her toys and
slides down the hall on the hardwood
floors to get them and then quickly runs
back to me.  She is learning some tricks
and will sit and lay down for treats, not
all the time but she’s getting the idea.  
We have quite a bit of company, adults
and kids and she greats everyone with a
wheaten greeting but enjoys her quite
time and usually finds a quiet place in a
corner or under a table.  We have left
her both in and out of the crate when we
go out and she doesn’t have any
separation anxiety at all.  She initially
had an issue with reflections/mirrors not
ever seeing herself, but now,
reflections don’t bother her at all,
however if she does see herself in a
mirror she will bark, but as soon as you
say no, she stops and just walks away.  
When I’m home, she will follow me all
over the house, if I’m cooking dinner
she lies right at my feet, if I’m sitting
down she is right there.  She does have
an issue with other dogs so we stay
clear of them.  She loves to go for walks,
and we walk at least a mile a day.  OH
and one more thing we have
discovered, she loves riding in the
car…..  Who ever ends up with her is
going to be one lucky owner, she really
is a love.

Rainee has been spayed and is up to
date on shots. She is located in the
Newton, MA  area
Melissa Highley

Rainee has been adopted by
the Borucke family of Missouri