Preston is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His DOB is 6/14/02

Preston is a owner turn-in. He has had
the same owners since he was 6 weeks
old.  They have moved several times
and are now in a rental with a one-dog
limit, and they're keeping their younger
dog.  They gave Preston to a relative for
awhile but she could not afford his
upkeep, so now he needs a new home.  
His former home had a fenced yard that
he loved to play outside in, the rental
does not, and so Preston spends a great
deal of time "cooped up" and he's not as
happy as he used to be. He is described
as sweet and smart.  He gets along well
with most dogs, all kids, and cats should
be ok too. Preston weighed in at 52 #.  
Preston LOVES to be outside and around
people.  He is "extremely well behaved".
He has been crate-trained and has had
some obedience training.

Preston is neutered and up to date on
OCTOBER 2012 -
Preston has been adopted
Nathan Baggett of Iowa