Play Doh is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His est. DOB is 7/07

Play Doh is a owner turn-in. Some info
from them:

I write this with a very heavy heart. I
have a 5 year old high energy wheaten
terrier. My children and I have had a
turn of events in life and need to find a
loving home for our male dog named
Play-Doh. We have sold our house and
need to move into a rental and feel it
would be unfair for Play-Doh to make
this transition with us due to our
uncertainty of living arrangements. He is
a loving dog who needs attentions in a
wonderful home. Play-Doh has never
bitten another person but is aggressive
towards other dogs (has bitten other
dogs when he has escaped out the front
door) and strangers at the front door.
Once a person has entered our home,
Play-Doh is very friendly and wants to be
loved on. He likes to guard the front
door from strangers and will bark until
the stranger is long gone. He is a very
bright dog but has had no formal
training to be socialized with strangers
or other pets. I believe with the
appropriate training he would be the
perfect dog. My children 7 and 9 yrs old
have been with Play-Doh since they
were 2 and 4 yrs old and have never
been bitten or hurt by Play-Doh. I never
worried about my young children's
safety with Play-Doh. He has been a
good dog. We will miss him so much but
want what is best for him. Thank you so  
much for considering our dog for rescue.

Update from Play Doh's foster mom:

He has yet to exhibit any of the behavior
noted by the owner.  I had relatives stay
at my house over the weekend.  Play
Doh did not bark at them.  He just would
go up to them.  On our daily walk, we go
past a golf course and he just ignores
the golfers.  He did get excited when he
saw children on the course.  We walked
past a house where a dog was outside
with the invisible fence.  The dog came
running and barking up until the line.  
Play Doh pulled to go towards the dog
but nothing out of the ordinary.  When I
pick up a set of keys, he goes into the
crate.  You say bedtime and he will go
into the crate.  He loves to be brushed.  
He will come nudge the brush if you are
holding it.  Will be good once his hair
grows out.  He is such a good dog.

Play Doh will need a home with a
securely fenced yard.

Play Doh is neutered and up to date on
Barbara Glantz
Zoe Grabowski
Donna Switch
Leslie Steis
Karen Grauzlis
Karen Parker
Stephanie Weeden
Margaret McMahon
Ann Zavarelli
Ellen MacLean
Debra Terrell Welborn
Donna Dowd
M J Beard
Catherine Michelsen
Mary Hain
Martha Dudley
Mary Wick
Mimi Phelan
Kathy St. Lawrence

Play Doh has been adopted by
John Danovich of Connecticut