Wendy Wheaton Cusick

Poebe is a purebred female
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Her DOB is 1/05

We were contacted by Phoebe's
caretaker.  According to her she had
moved into a rental unit, the past
renter's left Phoebe when they moved.  
They did not want to take her with them,
and did not know what to do with her, so
they just left her.  According to some
neighbors, Phoebe was crated 10 to 12
hours a day and had very little
interaction with her owners.  The
current caretaker would have kept
Phoebe if she would have gotten along
with her cats.  But Phoebe chases them.

From the caretaker:
"Phoebe is very sweet and has no
discipline problems at all that I know of.  
She minds well, she will sit and lay on
command.  She is a little nervous and
shy when first meeting people, but not
aggressive at all.  She is 10 years old
and acts very young, she loves the
outdoors and especially the snow.
Phoebe gets along well with my dog and
they will play until they are both wore

Phoebe is spayed and up to date on
MAY 2015 -  

Phoebe has been adopted by
Jenna Countryman