Patrick is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier. His DOB is 1/23/06

Patrick is a owner turn-in.

He is a wonderful dog.  Unfortunately,
my son and his wife have had to move in
with us and they have two small children
(a two year old and a one year old).  
Patrick has always been a little high
strung and anxious but since the extra
people have moved in, his anxiety level
has gone way up he has started
snipping and snarling at them. I have
grown especially close to “Paddy”—just
to let you know what a great pet he can
be—two years ago I came down with the
swine flu and was sick for over a week,
Patrick never left my side for more than
a few minutes—only  to go outside to
relieve himself and to grab some food—
other than that, he laid next to my bed
and would occasionally lick my hand to
let me know he was there.  Since then,
Patrick and I have been inseparable.  I
can’t tell you how much this hurts me to
do this.

Patrick is neutered and up to date on

Patrick has been adopted by
Shanna Wiley of Maryland