Pa is a purebred male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.  His est. DOB is 7/02

Pa is a former breeding dog in a
puppymill. He was released into rescue
along with
Ma, Laura, Mary, Carrie,
Nellie, Eliza and Eddie. We were
contacted by a gentleman who rescued
them from that situation and wanted us
to take them in and find them good

Info on Pa:

Pa is what I would call an "old soul". One
look into his eyes and you can see he
has had a hard life in the puppymill and
could tell you stories you would not want
to hear. He looks so much better now
than he did when he first came into
Rescue than he did in his first photos.
He is a very quiet and sedate boy and
very intelligent. He has the cutest face
and I love the way his ears sit and give
him a rakish look. He thrives on routine
and gets along well with the female dogs
in the Rescue, especially with Ma who is
his buddy. He will need a home with
someone committed to give him time
and attention and let him feel his way
slowly and learn to trust humans. The
humans in his past were not good to him
and he is cautious around new people
until he gets to know you.

Pa has been neutered and is up to date
on shots. He has had dental work done
and did lose a few teeth in the process.
Leslie Russo
In Honor of Liam

Pa has been adopted by the
Kathe Family of Massachusetts