Ozzy is a purebred male
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
His DOB is 6/13/05

Ozzy  was surrendered to a Animal
Shelter by his owner.  According to the
Coordinator Ozzy had not received the
best care.  His skin was yeasty and had
likely suffered over time.  She said he
was friendly and social and a really nice
dog.  He was not skittish or fearful at all.  
However, he would not be put up for
adoption due to his age and potential
skin issues.  S'Wheat Rescue was
contacted to see if we could help Ozzy.

Info from his foster mother:

"He was really sick with bronchial
pneumonia, malnourished, ear
infections, and eye infections plus skin
like leather. Since he has been in my
care he has blossomed into the most
loving/handsome dog ever, He is on a
grain free diet and we use a medicated
shampoo which is helping. His favorite
thing is car rides, he now knows sit, stay
and come. I cannot believe how quickly
he learns. I would keep him but my other
two male dogs are not doing well with
the situation. He isn’t too sure of
children or large dogs however he
loves cats. It breaks my heart after all
the neglect he has suffered, this I know
whoever is lucky enough to get Ozzy
they will never ever regret it"

Ozzy is neutered and up to date on
MARCH 2015 -  

Ozzy has been adopted by